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IPMAtec - your partner for conception / design / delivery and assembly:
- Painting equipment (powder & wet paint)
- Dryers and ovens
- Exhaust air cleaning systems
- Industrial waste incineration systems

Our business fields:
- Energy efficiency and energy recycling
- Industrial and capital goods, Machines, semi-finished products

for example in the following areas:
-Thermo Process Technology,
- Energy recycling and exhaust air purification
- Surface Technology and Coil Coating
- Wet paint and powder systems
- exhaust air cleaning
- Fire and explosion protection
- New energies

Our engineering services:
- Plant design: paint shops and thermal processes
- Creation of energy balances for energy management systems DIN EN ISO 50001
- Product management, technical support and design,
- customizing
- Adaptation to local standards,
- documentation in national language,
- Local technical certifications / approvals!

Disclaimer              Imprint              Data Protection Declaration